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Do you think a top of the line simulator is too much for you? Welcome to Foresight Sports! I am an authorized dealer for Foresight Sports as well as an owner of two indoor golf locations in the Chicago suburbs. I recently swapped my $60,000 Full Swing Golf simulators over to Foresight Sports and my customers love them. The simulator is based around Foresight's GC2 launch monitor that features unmatched accuracy. Many tour players use the GC2 to practice...and none of them are paid!Space requirements are flexible but the optimal would be 10' ceilings, 12' wide and 16' depth. Although smaller space can work out.The beauty of Foresight is the flexibility of the unit. I can offer you an in home simulator as low at $9,690 all the way up to a monster wrap around screen for $50,000! Whatever your budget I can meet it. If you are looking for a home unit, add a simulator to your golf course or start your own business, I can help. I am a PGA Professional with over 25 years in the golf industry along with 15 years in the indoor golf business. Contact me today to learn more about the most flexible simulator on the planet.